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Do you have a ‘Digital Will’ or ‘Digital Executor’?

Digital Will Blog
Simplicity Anna Loach

Written by: Anna Loach
Date: July 15, 2022

A digital Will is not a legal document like an official Will, but it is a list of all your digital assets stored online. Your Digital Executor doesn’t have to be the same person that is an Executor to your actual Will, but it would need to be someone that you can trust so that you can leave them instructions.

We have all sorts of digital assets stored online such as email accounts, digital storage of photos and movies, bank account and anything that requires a password to access. It is not recommended that you store the passwords with your digital Will.

However, it is a good idea to create a list of digital assets and then keep a copy of this with your Will. You can then include secure instructions in your Will on how your digital executor can access your digital assets.

How is a digital executor different from a Will executor?

Your Executor of your Will will manage the distribution of your estate, but a digital executor will have access to your digital assets and will have the responsibility of dealing with them as per your instructions. This could include:

  • Archiving files such as photos, videos or documents
  • Closing accounts such as subscription services and social media
  • Deleting files and erasing hard drives
  • Using online accounts to continue services or pay bills
  • Informing online friends of your passing

You don’t have to provide unrestricted access to your digital properties if you don’t want to. You can simply specify in your Will which assets and accounts your digital executor can access. When choosing a digital executor it is recommended choosing someone that is competent with technology.

Below is an example of a simple digital Will template as put together by

Digital Will

Digital Executor:
Alternative digital executor:



Cloud storage

Comment: there is a folder called artwork, access this folder only.
Google Drive
Comment: You can access any folder except the one marked private.

Photo storage

Google Photos
Comment: You can access any folder except the one marked private.

Video storage

Comment: Some old home movies from when the kids were young.





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