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June is Men’s Health Month

Simplicity Anna Loach

Written by: Jamie Harvey
Date: June 13, 2019

It’s a great time to think about our health and how important it is to start talking about it with our mates, families and doctors, and to do something for ourselves to be just a little bit healthier.

Men’s Health Month runs every JUNE.

Throughout the month men in New Zealand are being encouraged to open up and start talking about our health, and to get along to the Doc for a check-up.
If you are looking for some great information and resources visit:

There are so many different aspects of Men’s Health that we don’t typically acknowledge, this goes hand in hand with our good ol kiwi attitude of “she’ll be right”
Here are just few different aspects of Men’s Health along with some great resources if you wanted to look at things further:

Jamie Harvey, Assistant Manager and Funeral Director at Simplicity Funerals Nelson says:

Over the years being a funeral director has opened my eyes to a number of things and one of those is how important it is for us to look after ourselves and pay attention to our health and lifestyle. Of course I have looked after families who have lost their father, husband, brother, partner etc for a multitude of reasons but some of them have been obvious to me that if the person had looked after themselves differently or made healthier choices, would things have been different?
I think bringing Men’s Health into the spotlight is very important as let’s face it, we aren’t always good at paying attention to ourselves!


Being stressed from time to time is normal, but if we are constantly under stress, we lose the energy to be able to cope even with simple things. Living with stress long term is
bad for our health. It can make us sick and eventually lead to depression and relationship problems. If we don’t address our stress, it can lead to a physical or emotional breakdown.
Below is a link to some helpful resources:


Drinking can be fun, it helps us relax, it’s a great social lubricant. But sometimes we go too far and some of us develop unhealthy drinking habits that damage our lives. Drinking is part of NZ culture, but a lot of us drink too much. It’s not just a problem for alcoholics, everyday blokes are drinking too much too. We know we should cut back a bit so here are some tips for doing that:


We all want to be happy, and what makes us happy is different for everyone. Whether we’re bored, depressed, stressed, worried, or just plain miserable, there are things we can try
to make ourselves happier, check out the below link for some helpful information:


Men are less likely to express emotion verbally. Differences in brain structure make it harder for men to translate profound or traumatic experiences into words. Instead, in times of crisis, a man’s hormones will drive a desire to resolve issues rather than express them emotionally. When men mourn, they turn inwards; when women mourn, they turn outwards. While this may appear generalised and simplistic, it broadly summarises many of the characteristics that separate the more common expressions of grief between men and women. It should always be remembered that it’s okay to express grief differently – and thereby grow towards healing. Understanding the differences helps us understand ourselves and thereby enables us to have more meaningful and supportive relationships with others, especially in our times of deepest need.
– Michael Metzger (with permission from My Grief Assist)


We know smoking is bad for us and we think about quitting all the time, but it’s a pretty hard habit to kick. Men in New Zealand smoke more than women. It’s particularly popular for men aged 18-54. Even though we know it’s really bad for us, we keep doing it. If you’re not sure about whether you want to give up just yet, or you need some help to do it, Below is some great resources, or pop along and have a chat with your GP:

Thank you to for providing some great resources and information.

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