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Grief can take some time to process, and being able to continue to reflect, share stories, and honour our loved one with others who are going through the same thing, can really help us. Funeral rituals are important for this during the early stages of grief, and RIP Websites provides an online place where everyone can stay together and continue the process, when not able to do so physically.

A memorial website can also be beneficial for those who are not able to physically make it to a funeral service, as it enables them to feel part of a supportive community as they come to terms with their loss, reflect on and celebrate the life of their loved one, and honour their importance in their farewell.

Simplicity Funerals has partnered with RIP Websites to make the process of establishing a website for your loved one, as simple and easy as possible. This means you don’t need to worry about the technical stuff, and can just enjoy the process of collaborating with family and friends as everyone hunts out the photos, videos, music, and words that best reflect the life of your loved one.

To find out more, just phone Simplicity Funerals on 03 539 0066.

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