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Deceased Funeral Date / Time Funeral Location

Monumental Services

Our Services

Simplicity Funerals can help you choose a lasting memorial for your loved one.

This can be as personal as you wish. Photos and artwork can reflect special interests from a person’s life and the design can be contemporary or traditional.

If you want something really different and personal of your own design, that’s ok too. Alternatively the staff at Simplicity Funerals can design something just for you.
Council by-laws around New Zealand can limit the size of the memorial you place in a cemetery or crematorium.

We do have showrooms at our locations, and below are some of our most popular stones.

To find out more, just phone Simplicity Funerals on 0800 222 155.

You can design your own headstone or monumental plaque for a loved one or further information about our personalised customisations.

Simplicity Monuments

Here is a small sample of monuments we have available.

For custom options please phone Simplicity on (03) 539 0066.

Stone Colour Options

We welcome all enquiries about funeral costs

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your personal requirements and obtain a customised quote.

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